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Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Mining Guild Tie Expansion Pack - EN

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The original TIE/ln design has served as the basis for countless variations

serving many purposes, even those outside of Imperial demands. Thanks

to their close collaboration with the Empire, the Mining Guild has access

to state-of-the-art Sienar Fleet Systems technology, including their own

version of this iconic starfighter. The result is a unique take on the TIE

design, one ideally suited for the Mining Guild’s operations that unlocks

new tactical opportunities for your X-Wing Second Edition Scum and

Villainy squadrons. Within the Mining Guild TIE Expansion Pack, you’ll

find everything you need to supplement your own mining operations and

keep the profits flowing. Six ship cards—including four unique pilots—

are ready to take the controls of the beautifully detailed, fully assembled

Modified TIE/ln Fighter miniature. Meanwhile, five upgrade cards invite

you to further customize your Mining Guild TIE to suit the unique needs

of your Scum squadron. Rounding out this expansion are a maneuver

dial and all the tokens you need to experience this classic starfighter in a

whole new way.
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