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Epic Encounters: Village of the Goblin Chief - EN

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Beware the giggling goblins and their cruel knives. Hidden in their treetop village, they plot their raids and feast on whatever they can steal or kidnap. But goblin malice is not the only threat in these parts. Far beneath the branches, the ground has begun to rot, polluting the soil and spoiling harvests. And the goblins know why.


20 Miniatures:

1x Bloodwood Goblin Hetman

6x Bloodwood Goblin

4x Bloodwood Goblin Frog Chewer

4x Blood Dart Goblin Enforcer

4x Arrowtongue Tree Frog

1x Greenfang Flail Snail

Double-sided game mat

Adventure book

Monster’s stats

Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

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