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Battlefield in a Box - Rock Outcrops

25,90 €

Contains six pre-painted Rock Outcrops, perfect for your figures to fight around.

Terrain Crate: Abandoned Town - EN

64,90 €

Designed to depict the ruins of a once-bustling town, this set includes several of our great modular ruined buildings – which can be built t...

Terrain Crate: Dark Lord's Tower - EN

27,90 €

27 Plastic Scenery Pieces

Terrain Crate: Dungeon Depths - EN

65,90 €

Bring your tabletop to life with this Dungeon Depths set. This set includes 73 pieces of scenery to customise your dungeons. Whether you w...

Terrain Crate: Dungeon Essentials - EN

27,90 €

22 Plastic Scenery Pieces, 10 Plastic Doors

Terrain Crate: Tavern - EN

27,90 €

The perfect setting to start any adventure, this set allows you to build anything from a respectable local tavern to a hidden speakeasy wher...

Terrain Crate: Town Centre

65,90 €

69 Plastic Scenery Pieces

Terrain Crate: Treasury - EN

27,90 €

22 Plastic Scenery Pieces